How to Play Bingo

How to Play Bingo

Have you heard about Bingo? You may think it is the name of a pet as in Bingo, the dog in Mickey Mouse cartoon series. Hell no! It is a game. Are you interested in knowing how to play Bingo? Let’s roll then. Make sure you check our blog post on what to look for in Trusted Bingo Sites.

Online Bingo Games

Bingo is a gambling game offered by online casinos that consists of a scorecard or ticket with twenty-five squares all numbered 1 to 15. At the top of this scorecard is written in caps B-I-N-G-O with each letter on a row of numbers, and there is a square with a “FREE” caption under the letter N row. The objective of the game consists in having a full row of five squares marked in a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line. You can play Bingo online or in a Bingo land hall, but then how does this whole game work?

Playing Bingo online is easy as many features like checking your close winning cards or check off your numbers are done automatically. There are several online Bingo UK game websites. Playing online implies knowing how to play the game in general. Once you have mastered how to go about it, the features of an online game will not be difficult to learn. An online site that provides Bingo Game is online bingo UK. The 75 Ball Bingo Game from the USA and popular on Bingo online sites. A pattern to follow is given, and numbers are to be covered.
The 80 Ball Bingo is played with shutters with four numbers and four vertical columns of different colours – white, blue, yellow and red. Players close their shutters when a number is called. Online, the shutters are automatically closed. The 90 Ball Bingo is the longest as it consists of three rounds: one line, two lines, and a full house. It is widely played in the UK in Bingo land halls.

Bingo Tickets

Since you have several Bingo games, each game has its tickets. 90 ball tickets are in a list made of 6 different tickets. Each ticket has three rows, and a row has five numbers which have to be marked in other to win. 75 ball tickets consist of different tickets with five rows and columns. The 80 ball bingo tickets have four line with four numbers. Many online sites such as online bingo Uk enables to make payment for your tickets instantly or to buy them beforehand for another round or game.

How to Win Bingo

In one line round, if a player checks off one horizontal line, he wins. Same for two horizontal lines. When a player marks off all the numbers of their ticket, they wins a prize. The winner is the one who covers all the numbers and completes the patterns accordingly.

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