What are the Bingo Jackpots?

What are the Bingo Jackpots?

When playing bingo, all of you will want to own a bingo jackpot. But, what it is actually and what it will provide for you?

The answer isn’t simple, due to the fact there are several types of these jackpots. They may vary according to the no deposit bingo sites you play at or by the community. In general, a bingo jackpot means winning, but how much money you will win depends on several factors. These factors are also determined by the type of the bingo jackpot which is won.

Fixed Bingo Jackpot

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These jackpots are the most common of them all, and they are the most appealing for entry-level players. Also, they may be the most desirable for you or a specific type of players as well. As the name suggests, the jackpot is fixed, meaning that you will get a specific amount of money. After that, the value is present again and again. Simply said, regardless of how many times you win the jackpot, it will always be restored to the initial value.

Of course, to win it, you will need a full house. But, it is a common thing that more than one player wins the jackpot. Once that happens, the total amount of the jackpot will be divided equally among the winners. After that, the amount of money you won will be automatically added to your account.

Progressive Bingo Jackpot

A progressive bingo jackpot is different. It is based on the initial amount of money which is presented as a value X. But, a percentage of all the bets is added to the jackpot, making it higher and higher with the number of players involved. As such, a higher number of players equals the higher jackpot value. Once it is won, the jackpot will reset to zero. These jackpots are also won when a player has a full house, but they may be significantly higher than fixed ones. In essence, they are determined by the number of players. While current jackpots are divided among all winners, progressive ones aren’t! Here, the jackpot won’t be automatically added to the account.

Progressive Side Games

As the name suggests, these jackpots are reserved for side games. Their amount will depend on the operator rather than on the number of players. Also, they usually start increasing about midnight and will be reset daily. The amounts you can win here are significantly lower than in the first two cases, and they are usually reserved as additional, or mini-game jackpots to win.

A bingo jackpot is simply the highest payout this game has to offer. It is more than just desirable in the world of gambling, and it can make a huge difference. Winning a jackpot is only possible if you win a full house, which will also depend on the type of a bingo you play. Regardless of the fact are you sharing the jackpot or no, you can see a massive amount of money that is accredited to your account.

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