80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo

Here is everything you will have to know regarding the 80 Ball Bingo In the real world, this type of bingo isn’t very popular, but online, it is one of the most popular types and the one you will play at some point. It is featured at the best online bingo sites.

80 Ball Bingo Rules

When it comes to 80 Ball Bingo Game there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, the tickets are different. There are 80 numbers, therefore the name rather than 75 ball bingo or 90. The possibilities of winning a jackpot are high and it can be significant. When playing in the real world you will have to use a dabber to cross the called numbers. When you lay it online, you will have to use a computer mouse. Luckily, most games have an automated option which will dab all the called numbers.

80 Ball Bingo Ticket

The 80 Ball Online Bingo tickets are significantly different than any other you may have encountered. The main difference is in the colors and the layout. There are:
• Red tickets use numbers between 1 and 20
• Yellow tickets use numbers between 21 and 40
• Blue tickets feature numbers between 41 and 59
• Silver tickets contain numbers between 60 and 80
As you can see, this type of bingo is more than just appealing, especially if you are planning to play a type of game which is slightly different than any other type of the game. 80 Ball Online Bingo is quite popular nowadays across the planet, but it is extremely popular in the United Kingdom.


80 Ball Bingo Winner

80 Ball Bingo gives you several options to win the game. Keep in mind that any of the variations we will explain must be positioned on a single ticket. You will have to listen for the caller and mark the numbers accordingly, or use an automated software provided by the provider of the game in question. The easiest way to win a jackpot is to get line bingo. In 80 Ball  Bingo, this refers to the complete line of the numbers. It may be diagonal, horizontal or vertical. As we have mentioned, it must be completed in a single ticket.  Here we can see four corners bingo, which is characteristic for the game in question. It means that you will have numbers in each corner. Also, it is possible to win a jackpot if you have all numbers in the middle eliminated, making it a square. Full house in the 80 Ball  Bingo isn’t something we will have to explain. It refers to all numbers eliminated on a single ticket. Bingo reward may be higher in this case scenario, but it is more complicated to get it after all.

Yes, you can get plenty of varieties here, and progressive jackpots are an option, so it is right time to start playing this type of bingo. You will have to invest some time to gain experience and use clever techniques, like in other types of bingo such as 90 Ball Bingo

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